ReInvesting Into Yourself

Aug 21, 2023

Last week, I co-hosted a women's circle with my good friends Suzanne. The theme of the evening was ReInvesting Into Yourself. This felt like the perfect topic for me to lead as I've shifted into the personal development space, and helping women navigate the quarter life crisis with confidence and clarity is all about pouring back into yourself. 

These ideas sparked amazing conversations and created really deep connections between the women than were present. It was incredible, and I can't believe I got to lead it!

If you are hosting a women's circle in the future, steal my talking points below. If you just want to dive in and go deep with yourself, that's fair game too.

I'll just be giving you the key ideas in this blog post since I'd rather you let your mind wander and discovery what is meant for you, let's get into it... 

1. Self-Discovery Is The Foundation.

  • Putting time and energy back into yourself is the ultimate investment
  • Understanding yourself more: core beliefs, strengths, passions, purpose and direction
  • What sort of practices do you have in place to continue unwrapping the layers of who you are? 

2. Adopt A Mindset Of Growth

  • We probably know the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset...
  • Cannot be changed vs. capacity for growth
  • Everyone at the women's circle is strengthening their growth mindset
  • Limiting beliefs are what keep us stuck, ask yourself are they real? Or are they just stories you’ve been told? 

3. Investing In Skill Development

  • Always learning, always growing mindset
  • I can do anything- it may take a while, but I’ll figure it out eventually
  • Ask yourself WHY this thing? Is it ego driven, heart driven, trauma driven? 
  • When was the last time you invested in developing your skills? What was it?

4. Well-Being & Self-Care

  • Self care could be getting your nails done and getting a massage...
  • It could also looking like cleaning up your space or working out
  • As women, high achievers, growth oriented, we run with higher levels of stress. 
  • Investing your time or money in a stress management practice will take you far.
  • Back pocket practices: What 5 minute activities help to relieve your stress immediately? 

5. Community & Network

  • Surround yourself with a supportive network- you are of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  • Reinvesting into others is an investment into yourself
  • Connection with mentors, peers, friends, strangers
  • Confidence building, getting out of your comfort zone, being authentic 
  • How have you built your community over the years?

BONUS EXERCISE: Wheel of Life - rate areas of your life with the current level of satisfaction to understand what and where needs to be improved. 

Download the Wheel Of Life Exercise Here. 

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